Add Value to performance data

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Hey everyone I am new here and I hope anyone can help solving with me my problem. Currently I’m working with Icinga and try to monitor some values. Like you can see in the picture. I want to have one more value for showing how much storage is “remain” on each disk.

right now I use this line for performance data


I don’t know where to put the variable $remainmb



Looking at the developer guidelines you’ll find that the number and meaning of the (max.) five values is fixed.
You can add another metric holding the information you want, something like
PERF="$volname_used=$used_val$used_uom;$warn_val;$crit_val;$min_val;$max_val" "$volname_free=$free_val$free_uom;$warn_val;$crit_val;$min_val;$max_val"
or replace the information providing the desired values