Add custom host tag in subject notification mail


I’m currenlty using CheckMK version 1.2.8p26.

I created a custom host tag “Priority” (see screenshot below).

What I want, is that the Priority (Low, Normal, High, Urgent) is in the header of a notification email.
Can I specify this in the “Subject for service notifications”? Along with “Check_MK: $HOSTNAME$ - $EVENT_TXT$”

Is this somehow possible?
This would be very handy to filter our incoming nofication emails on its priority.

Thanks in advance,
Kind regards,

Instead of using a host tag you should try the service level functionality of cmk.
Go to global settings - notifications - service level and define them accordingly to your needs. These service levels can be assigned to hosts and services via WATO grouping rule. After you assigned your hosts and services to certain levels, you can modify your notification rules to send notification only on hosts/services events with specific service levels. And last but not least, you can add the service level description to your mail subject with the notification variables $HOST_SL$ and $SERVICE_SL$.