Action on status change in nagvis map



i am searching for a way to realize the following:

when a Service in nagvis changes to critical the action should be the same like when i click on this service. it should call the multisite showing the critical Service.

is there any way to do that? even if i have to modify code pls give all posibilities to me.



I think that using EventCommands ( ) could lead to a solution for your problem.


Please take a look at the documentation. url / url_target might be usable for your purpose.


Hi Wolfgang,

thats nice, but it should point to that URL automaticly when status in going critical. AND after 15 Minuten returning back to the rotation pool of nagvis.

Hi Flaedlesuppe: i will check that, thanks.



As I don’t use multisite I don’t know how the URL might look like.

You can create an automap showing only the objects in an erroneous state.



the URL might look like taht:






thats ok so far, but this is only triggered when i click on the Service Icon in nagvis. i want to go there automaticly when an Icon changes to critical.


To my knowledge there aren’t any options in NagVis to automatically execute such actions.