About Satellite and IDO

(Nguyen Huu Khoi) #1

Hellp eveyone.
Could you help me on some questions:
Is it good to use same ido db for both master and satellite?
or we need separate ido db for master and satellite?
Could u give me some example about this? I have but I still know about it,
Thank you much.

(Aflatto) #2

By default Satellites do not write to the DB, only the active master writes to the database.
The real question is why do you want to have the satellites write to the DB ?

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(Nguyen Huu Khoi) #3


I see there have ido on satellite sites, So I want to understand it completely,

(Aflatto) #4

from that same page

Best practice is to run the database backend on a dedicated server/cluster and only expose a virtual IP address to Icinga and the IDO feature. By default, only one endpoint will actively write to the backend then. Typical setups for MySQL clusters involve Master-Master-Replication (Master-Slave-Replication in both directions) or Galera, more tips can be found on our community forums.

you can, if you want write the data from a satellite to a database, but it will have to be separate from the one the master’s use.

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(Nguyen Huu Khoi) #5

Yep. I got it. Thank you too much.