A personal note on https://community.icinga.com

(Michael Friedrich) #1


as you may have noticed, Icinga has announced a new Icinga community platform.

This follows two motivations:

  • I’m changing my private life in the past months and won’t do much in answering questions in my spare time anymore. 10 years full powered Icinga community support are quite a long time, and I am happy to share that with you.
  • Icinga users deserve a well integrated platform where my colleagues and the many contributors can share their experiences. This includes “merging” the Icinga mailing lists, IRC into a central Discourse platform fully integrated into our new website: https://icinga.com/

For everyone using this platform, everything is fine and this site continues to operate. You just won’t see me replying in here, I’m stepping back into the sysop maintainer role taking care of Discourse and platform updates.

I will continue to share my Icinga expertise on https://community.icinga.com and invite everyone to do the very same. See you soon at Icinga Camp Berlin :slight_smile:


General Queston

Hi Michael,

just a short “Thank you” for your time and expertise you invested/offered in the past years. I’m pretty sure that a lot of people are grateful for the knowledge you shared and the help you offered.

All the best for your private life

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(Michael Friedrich) #3

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

In order to make the maintenance tasks as compliant as possible, expect some unannounced downtimes in the coming weeks. The host system needs some love, cleanup and upgrades.

The Woltlab archive runs in three Docker containers based on Ubuntu 14.04 becoming EOL in 3 months. I’ll either upgrade the base images and PHP and Woltlab still works, or I’ll shut down the archive. In terms of performance, most of the server’s load is used by that archive when someone reads a long thread.

Meaning to say, if you need specific threads from the archive, now is the time to fetch a personal backup.

There’s no ETA or timeline for this. I thought about this in the past months, allowing this site to operate secure and safe in the coming year.