3 SNMP Value into one Graph

i have some SNMP get command 3 Value from a Access Point

Thanks for feedback
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+1 for the feature request

the idea and specialy the usage of a self created multi input graph i find very good.
this could be realy helpful for some special dashboards.

grafana is no option? there it would be a quite easy thing.

the Load option i showing 3 value in one graph

i had a look at the code but did not get where the 3 value are merged into one graph

You are adressing two different problems (Load and AP visualization) here.

If you point out more precisely what you intend to do I am quite sure you will find help here.

In case you are willing to use Grafana I am quite sure I can provide a solution to your problem :wink:

hello @unnospsh
thanks for your feedback, on post one it should be a example what i would like - where the load image is, would be a example it basicly works with Graphit too.
have a nice day

Since I only use Grafana for my metrics I can only help you with the use of Graphite in Grafana

You can actually do this quite easily with assigning the metric to either the left or right Y-Axis.
This gives you the flexibility of using two different units (in your first example it would be Bitrate and User count) in one graph.
Best practise for myself is to either work with meaningful aliases or if this is not possible with a substring of the metric for assigning them to the respective axis using the “Series Overrides” functionality (substring matching works like this: “/Bandwidth Utilization RX/”).