2.18 release

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Last release for this year right from the train to #34c3. This release was a little late, sorry for that. But it comes with a quite powerfull new panorama widget, the squares widget. Basically its a container for automatically aligned icons to give a quick overview over a set of hosts or services. Data can be grouped by hostsname and/or servicename, so each icon could be a summary icon for a host and all its services. The color optionally fades to black/white after some time, so you immediatly recognize new alerts.

Besides that tons of small things have been fixed, changed or added, see detailed changelog:

2.18     Mon Dec 25 15:27:06 CET 2017
          - add new option 'commandline_obfuscate_pattern'
          - add python and go client to default cookie_auth_direct_agents
          - combine recurring downtimes for the same time into a single cron entry
          - fix listing service recurring downtimes (#766)
          - fix excel export button (#765)
          - Config Tool:
            - show summary prompt if a post_obj_save_cmd is set
          - Business Process:
            - add weighted state example custom function
            - add new configuration option 'favorite_custom_function'
            - skip reloading core if objects have not changed
          - Reports:
            - add option to only send mails for specific thresholds
            - add button to quickly create excel export reports
            - fix listing outages during downtimes
          - Logcache:
            - fix importing logs from file (#751)
            - fix issue with locking
          - Panorama:
            - add squares widget
            - add user styles option to add generic styles usable in labels etc.
            - add optional helper grid
            - update extjs 4.2.2
            - add label availability options
            - fix moving watermark elements
            - fix widgets display issue in IE11
            - fix row height in status lists (#779)
            - fix minemap header in chrome and IE (#782)
          - Mobile:
            - add config option to add additonal links on the home page