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    Thruk should come with Apache as dependency. But it might be possible that you manually have to start and enable the webserver after the installation within systemd. (However, this is outside the scope of Thruk)

    In der OMD 2.60 Labs Edition ist aber wohl ein MySQL-Server dabei.

    Aber mir würde ja im ersten Schritt schon reichen, wenn jemand die Bausteine "Webserver" und "Webanwendung" beschrieben hätte;-)

    Korrekt, aber eben per Default deaktiviert. Ebenfalls deaktiviert sind z.b. die alten Nagios CGIs.

    Prinzipiell ist OMD ja nur ein Baukasten, es kommt also drauf an was für Komponenten du verwendest. In der Default Konfiguration ist überhaupt keine SQL Datenbank involviert.

    I guess there is nothing in the logs because it seems like this one host job has gone missing somehow.

    And yes, mod-gearman cancels the usually processing of checks and immediatly returns to the naemon core with a return code indicating that the check is now beeing worked on.

    What exactly do you mean by "uniq-jobs". There is a uniq-job feature in Gearman. And its being set to the "hostname" and "service description" of a check. So if you add multiple requests for the same host or service, there will still be only one job. I've seen rare cases

    where gearman hangs on on job which never finishes. Force-Rescheduling doesn't help then, because there is a job already with

    that uniq-id.

    What helped here, was to stop naemon, stop gearmand and remove the gearman retention file.

    While an update won't be a bad idea, i don't thing it will solve this issue. Have you looked at the error message about the hostgroup "hostgroup_test.queue". Is there a worker assigned to this group? Again, use "gearman_top" to check that.

    Time for a new release. Some notable changes are the new cli commands. In order to make
    thruks cli commands easier extendable by plugins, thruk commands have now the form

    %> thruk <module> <command> <option>
    For example
    %> thruk plugin list
    %> thruk url tac.cgi
    The old commands are still supported for backwards compatibility.
    This also adds a online plugin repository where you can install plugins
    %> thruk plugin install <name>

    Second notable change is the input/output filtering for Busines Processes which adds
    programmable filters to change node inputs. For example make things in downtime ok.
    As well as output filter which can mange the output in any way you want. Right now
    there is an example which adds the hole tree down to the root cause to the plugin
    output. This might be handy in notifications.

    Besides that tons of small things have been fixed, changed or added, see
    detailed changelog:

    Ok, so its two completly separate setups. Does both of them have the same issues? Having orphaned checks is usually a sign that some check jobs are processed by wrong workers or not sent back the correct gearman server.

    Have you checked the "gearman_top" tool to see if there are any obvious things going wrong.

    If the setup is duplicated, then there are 2 naemon cores. This won't work (as you already noticed)

    You could either use a different "result_queue" for each of those naemon cores or even better, duplicate everything, so each core has its separate workers.