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    Könntest auch mit 3 weiter machen, aber dann eben mit 2 zonen.

    Ich habe in der master zone meinen configmaster+db+icingaweb+grafana

    und eine Zone "darunter" 2 Satelliten. Die Satelliten bekommen ihre Config vom Master, führen die eigentlichen Checks loadbalanced aus und alles wandert nach oben in den Master. Dann kannst du alternativ sogar noch einen 2. Configmaster daneben setzen. Nur wird es dann Tricky mit dem Syncen im Icingaweb....

    Instead of creating an action url in Icinga2, you can create a Navigation URL in Icingaweb2 and share this to all users.

    In your admin account go to:

    Your Name -> My Account -> Navigation -> Create new Navigation Item:

    Name: Grafana

    Shared: yes

    Type: Host Action

    Target: New Window

    Url; your grafana Url

    Icon: chart-area

    Same for Service Action



    Ich frage mich gerade wie? Also wie hast Du was gemacht, damit ein Eintrag hier für alle User automatisch vorhanden ist?

    Danke Dir im Voraus.


    Steht doch da ^^

    In /etc/icingaweb2/enabledModules/monitoring/config.php ganz am ende sind die default dashboards definiert. Die habe ich mir einfach nach meinen Bedürfnissen angepasst. Nur vorher bedenken, dass sie bei nem update wieder überschrieben werden, also vorher sichern ;)

    hast du in /etc/icinga2/features-enabled/ido-mysql.conf

    enable_ha = false gesetzt damit jeder master seine eigene DB nimmt?

    Config sah bei mir so aus:

    Und bedenke, dass du bei Icingweb2 keinen Config Sync hast. Musst dir also entweder selbst was basteln oder immer beide Master anpacken.


    based on your example, I can say, that I also do it like watermelon and check every Port separately.

    For this, I use the plugin ( )

    If you are worried about the sum of checks, what about using an "apply.....for" rule and templates?

    For example, if you have 300x24-port switches, you can just create a template where all the ports are already defined. Because the ports are standing in dependency with the hostname, there will no problems (internal it is running like switch1!FastEthernet1/1 and so on).

    So as you have to define all switches anyway, you can reduce the effort to three lines: Object Name, Template, IP.

    That's it :)



    Hi all,

    so I finally updated Icinga2 + Web2 to latest release via apt-get (Ubuntu 14.04).

    After update I mention, that in /etc/icingaweb/enabledmodulues/monitoring/config.php

    the Alert Summary Part in reporting section is missing.

    Also testing the alertsummary index page ends in an error

    Is this correct?



    In my case I choose to make connection in the direction master->satellite(s).

    It make more sense, for me at least^^, that the master initiate the connection as it is the central point.

    Moreover, my network setup lead me to this decision. You should also think about it.

    So on Sat 1 And Sat 2 the zones.conf has to be like:


    based on my setup,where master spreads the config to the sats, has icingaweb2 and grafana installed, the Sats do the active checks and report to master, which direction do you prefer? Funny is, that this issue only happened in the evening the last two days. over the rest of the day there are no problems.

    Hey Michi :)

    Master zones.conf:

    Sat 1 + Sat 2 zones.conf:

    see below, it repeats several times:

    sru it's r2.6.2-1

    Hi All,

    since I have running the cluster for 2 days now, I recognize that the cluster endpoints loose their connection to the master several times and I don't know why.

    The hosts were up and available. Anybody an idea how I can figure out the problem? See the hard states below