[Thruk - Business Process] Advanced Notification

  • Hi there,

    I'm using Thruk since more than one year and I'm really happy with it. Together with Naemon it is a nice and stable solution.

    For testing purposes I created at the beginning some Business Processes (BP). As it is a normal way the tests are now in production. ;)

    The Goal of the BP is to create an overview / dependencies of several Hosts/Services.


    If now the Service "Zombie Processes" raise an CRITICAL Status, the instance "Processes" will also raise an CRITICAL status and of course the main instance "Business Report Test" also.

    I configured the BP in that way, that I get an email notification if something goes wrong. So far so good.

    But, in the email notification and also in the history of the BP, you can't see for which reason the BP was Critical.

    The email will only show the first instance. In that example the "Processes".

    Is there any way to get all Information (from all instances) in the mail notification? Like a chain (e.g. The BP "Business Report Test" > "Processes" > "Zombie Processes" changed Status to CRITICAL)

    It looks like it will always take the information from the first instance.

    In that example it is okay, but I created also some BP with a lot of instances. There it is a problem, because will not know what's the reason for the status.

    Hope you can follow me and has a solution/way to help me.

    Many thanks,