IcingaWeb2 backend not running after upgrades

  • After upgrading to the latest icinga2 (2.7.2-1.xenial), Icingaweb2 has lost its connection with icinga ("backend not running" message in the web UI). Icinga2 is definitely up and running fine, so something is not right. I then upgraded icingaweb2 too (to 2.4.2-1.xenial); no change.

    We have a setup where the db (MySQL), icinga and icingaweb2 are each on a different VM. Icingaweb2 is running on PHP-FPM and Apache.

    I've been trying to check all the logs (mysql, icinga, php, apache, system logs) I can think of but can find no errors indicating the reason. Network is fine, and nothing has been changed in the system AFAIK, apart some stock package updates from Ubuntu repo. This system has been in production for months now.

    Any ideas where should I be able to see indications of what might be wrong?

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  • As always, please include valuable details such as versions involved. Upgrades usually involve a from and to version too.

    Startup logs and so on should be included too, especially related to the ido feature in this case.

  • Hi,

    your Icinga 2 VM can establish a connection to your MySQL IDO database? There should be a log entry about the successful established connection or one if the connection is not successful established. Please also verify that you can establish a connection from your Icinga Web 2 VM to your MySQL IDO database (via CLI mysql client).

    Please also ensure that the ido-mysql feature is enabled.

  • Thank you! I must've omitted the startup log earlier when debugging things, bummer :( There it was - the ido-mysql feature had dropped off, due to too restrictive feature config file permissions.

    I don't think it had anything to do with Icinga, probably changed at some point during our configuration versioning process that's unfortunately not yet as bullet-proof as it should, it seems...