Three Level Setup - Satellite down, Node still up

  • Hello,

    we use a Three Level Setup (1x master, 1x Satellite and X Nodes with the Icinga2 Agent) for our Icinga2 Environment.

    The Internal Clients report directly to the Master (icinga2-master). All external nodes are connected through the Satellite in our DMZ zone (icinga2-dmz).

    The current behavior is, if the satellite goes down, the nodes which are conntected through the Satellite are still up and ok. Seems for me like icingaweb2 doesnt recognize that the checks are not exected for x minutes/hours/days and stays with the last status.

    I tried to build a dependency or a check via check_command of the host with the cluster-zone, but both doesn't work for me.

    Code: Dependency test
    1. apply Dependency "NodeToParent" to Host {
    2. parent_host_name =
    3. # child_host_name =
    4. disable_checks = false
    5. disable_notifications = true
    6. states = [ Up ]
    7. assign where (
    8. }

    Also the "Client-health" Chapter in the documentation didn't help.

    Thank you for your help in advance!