icinga2 Memory monitoring

  • Hello Every One,

    I am new to icinga2 and am using the version icinga2.4.1 in centos7.

    by default i cant find the memory check plugin in it. Could any one please help me to fix this.



  • Welcome to the forum.

    First, please update to the current Icinga2 version, you might need to have to add the icinga2 repositories and not use the default packages.

    Secondly, due to the nature of how linux handles RAM, there is little to no need to actually monitor it.

    The check memory plugin that exists, does not run on Ubuntu 16.04 as the underlying command has changed its output, so I would guess it is the same for CentOS7.

    May I ask why you want to monitor the memory?

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  • HI, if you check the ITL in the docs of Icinga2 you will find "mem" which points you to check_mem.pl which runs just fine on Centos 7

    1. [root@koelin01 ~]# /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_mem.pl -C -u -w 80 -c 90
    2. OK - 37.7% (709928 kB) used.|TOTAL=1883712KB;;;; USED=709928KB;1506969;1695340;; FREE=1173784KB;;;; CACHES=900476KB;;;;