Trying to deploy hand crafted icingaweb2 txt config file

  • I am trying to use Fileshipper to deploy files that I have generated on my icingaweb2 instance.

    the related file is roles.ini

    and the location of the file is /tmp/roles.ini

    the destination where I would like to deploy the file is /etc/icingaweb2/roles.ini

    I have tried to follow instructions but I don't know how to select a alternative file format ie text file

    file formats available are CSV,JSON,YAML and XML

    I am quite new to icinga2 / icingaweb2 / director / fileshipper

    so I am not sure if what I am trying to is even possible ?

  • Hi,

    this is not possible. The Director and the fileshipper module are not made for deploying Icinga Web 2 configuration files. The modules are made for creating and deploying the Icinga 2 configuration.

    For the task you want to do I highly suggest to use some sort of configuration management like Ansible, Puppet or Chef to you.

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