Services in custom zones

  • Hi,

    we use Director in version 1.3.2. We create hosts and these hosts are in configuration e.g.


    1. object Host "TEST" {
    2. import "generic-host2"
    3. display_name = "TEST"
    4. address = ""
    5. }

    But services in zones are setup to


    1. template Service "test-ssh" {
    2. check_command = "ping4"
    3. }

    Is it ok? We setup e.g. service to zone 'master', but service is still created to this configuration.

  • Yes, that is ok.

    Because that is just a template (in your example. Could be an Apply Rule as well).

    Open the host, click the hosts service tab and click one of the services here.

    Click Preview tab and, if available, click Show Resolved.

    You should find that the service created from the template is in the dedicated zone.

    You might like to watch the video at:…ctor_advanced_management/

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