Username Regex for authorization

  • I'm trying to create a generic usergroup for anyone that is able to log in past my SSO portal. Is there any way to use regex in the users list so I can have a default permission set? Something like this in my roles.ini


    groups = "users"

    users = "*"

    permissions = "monitoring/command/schedule-check, monitoring/command/acknowledge-problem, monitoring/command/remove-acknowledgement, monitoring/command/comment/add, monitoring/command/comment/delete, monitoring/command/downtime/*, monitoring/command/downtime/schedule, monitoring/command/downtime/delete, monitoring/command/process-check-result, monitoring/command/send-custom-notification"

  • I'm afraid that there is none. If I recall correctly, that was asked a while ago for filters too. The underlying problem is that the performance in terms of the database would hurt. After all it wouldn't hurt to look into the source code and come up with a patch ;) Or an issue to kindly ask for such a feature.

  • OK, good to know. I'll just write a process to import users in the meantime. Thanks for the info.