Report send by mail in PDF

  • Hello,

    icinga is 1.8.3
    thruk 2.08
    multiple backend

    i want to send automatically a report by mail in PDF

    my mail is send but the PDF contain only the struture without writing.

    when i click to "view report preview" my report is ok and complete

    can i help me?

  • hello

    i have a new server for test thruk 2.10 and my report is always empty

    centos 7.3
    thruk 2.12-3

    thruk.conf :
    show_error_reports = both
    phantomjs = /usr/share/thruk/script/phantomjs

    ls -l /usr/share/thruk/script/phantomjs
    -rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root 67932064 20 déc. 22:21 /usr/share/thruk/script/phantomjs

    <Component Thruk::Plugin::Reports2>
    report_nice_level = 5
    max_concurrent_reports = 2
    report_base_url = http://host.local/thruk/cgi-bin/
    pnp_export = /usr/share/thruk/script/
    report_from_email = "Thruk Report System" <noreply-report@xxxx.xxxx>
    default_template =

    ls -l /usr/share/thruk/script/
    -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1124 9 janv. 16:44 /usr/share/thruk/script/

    view report preview OK

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