Check remote process icinga2

  • hi all, hope you are doing good.

    Want a quick guidance on monitoring custom remote process,. Previously with icinga1 we were doing this with nrpe plugin. Do we have any other way in icinga2 since checking through nrpe isnt adivisbible

    Below is the process I need to check if it is running on my remote system.

    Object CheckCommand "firefox" {
    Import "plugin-check-command"

    Command = [ pluginDir + /"check_procs"]

    arguments = {
    "-a" = " /usr/bin/Mozilla"


  • I did it with the director like this:

    Linux is dead, long live Linux

  • Thank you very much @Kevin.Honka.

    Can you brief on check command service-windows, procs-windows are these you custom scripts? And do you pass arguments for custom process checks?


  • I use the checks that the icinga client for windows has.
    The only Argument I pass is the following:
    vars.service_win_service = "Dfs"

    I would strongly advise, using the director, as it makes everything much simpler

    Linux is dead, long live Linux

  • service-windows and procs-windows are CheckCommands provided by Icinga 2 already. The referenced plugins are installed by the Windows package too.…-commands#windows-plugins