Icinga2 Host/Service flapping

  • Hi.

    I have some problems understanding how does flapping of icinga2 works.

    I found only 3 lines in the documentation about it.

    I added the enable_flapping = true line to my host. Then i've been switching it on/off 10 times waiting for icinga to go from DOWN to UP (hard states) but the host state is not flapping. I guest that's because i need to set up flapping_threshold. But what is that? What i suppose to put there? Number of state changes before making the host flapping? What does that threshold represents? I think that part must be explained a little bit better.

    Regards, Anton.

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  • Flapping has some bugs, and before those are fixed, I do not see any reason to document something which is partially broken. #11654 on my issue dashboard.

  • @dnsmichi

    • So, what happens to my contribution to flapping that you closed yesterday #13847, #12963, #13399 ?
    • Will Pull Request #118 make it into the sources or not ?
    • Will i get some feedback about my ideas or was that the end of my efforts ?
  • Someone will have to review it. Since flapping is broken for a long time, my priority lies on the recent crashes in 2.6 (I guess, there are resource planning meetings coming up).

    Fixes for flapping will also require further unit and functional tests, that is described in the main issue afaik.