CGI files compatability with Icingaweb2

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  • Hi guys

    I'd like to see if I can get some help about integration of pnp4nagios with Icinga2 using icingaweb2 on Debian 8.x

    Namely, pnp4nagios works OK and I can see graphs in Icingaweb2 but only thing which doesn't work is CGI file - let's say if I want to open nagios availability report ..... I got this message

    The requested URL /nagios/cgi-bin/avail.cgi was not found on this server

    Of course the problem here is URL /nagios/cgi-bin. In my setup of icinga2 with Icingaweb2 like a frontend , CGI file are placed in /usr/lib/cgi-bin/icinga/.

    I know it worked for me in icingaweb classic ui, but in Icingaweb2 it doesn't work eventhough if I change path in config.php

    #$conf['nagios_base'] = "/nagios/cgi-bin";

    $conf['nagios_base'] = "/cgi-bin/icinga"; -> this is not good

    any suggestion for Icingaweb2 and this CGI files for pnp4nagios? How can I sort it out?

    Thanks a lot guys.