Custom check/result queues control configuration.

  • Hi guys,

    I'm currently investigations Icinga2 configuration options and its logic in general. The goal of this process is migration from Nagios to Icinga2.
    Currently I have NagiosCore+mod_gearman installation as a program base. Tree based configuration based on template escalations, this has been done for some kind of automation so when you create a host with specific template all necessary services will be automatically assigned to this host (similar to apply rule ).

    My current step is investigation of HA cluster with check distribution. I'm looking for configuration options which will help me to control:

    - Automatically assign check to specific host and move
    - Add/modify custom checks queue on satellites
    - Control number of check queue processes that can be started in the same time.
    - View and monitor current check queues states.

    Could some one point me to correct article where I can find those option if they exist :) ?