U12.04 + Thruk 2.x + LiveStatus version

  • Heya,

    We run Nagios 3 on-top of Ubuntu Server 12.04 (using the packages from the ubuntu repo); when we upgraded from Thruk 1.88-4 we started encountering errors on certain pages with Thruk complaining that it's unable to communicate with the LiveStatus backends,
    in the livestatus log on the Nagios collectors we can see:

    1. 2016-06-03 09:01:10 error: Table 'hosts' has no column 'event_handler'

    I'm assuming that this is because the version of livestatus that's shipped with Ubuntu 12.04 isn't new enough for Thruk 2.x? Is that expected?


  • Hiya SNI,

    Sorry if I'm being stupid but what does shinken have to do with it? I thought the only problem here is going to be version compatibility from the livestatus module that's shipped with 12.04?