How to retrive the nagios configuration file from mysql Database

  • I have installed the ndoutils,Nagios configuration files are saved in Database using ndoutils plugin.may i know what purpose we saved data in database. may i know anyway to retrive the configuration file from database.Can you please anyone help me

  • I thought nagios configuration saved in database using ndoutils.I want to install ndoutils for high availablity nagios,Please let me know any other option for high availablity nagios.If there is any other way to store the configuration file and may i know what purpose we used in ndoutils.

    Thanks in Advance

  • NDO means Nagios Data Output - it just dumps the data into the database backend, but never reads from it. So your attempt with a shared storage in the middle and probably active/passive won't work. In Nagios/Icinga1 common scenarios are Corosync/Pacemaker and DRBD syncing the config and runtime files.