NagVis WeatherLines Show Empty Icon

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  • Hi everyone!

    I am currently developing a Monitoring and Controlling (with regard to starting and stopping processes) solutions based on Nagios and NagVis. As such, I have created my own plugins for Nagios and have modeled the processes that I want to monitor as Weather Lines, as can be seen in the picture below:

    Everything works fine and as expected (if the process stops, the arrows turn to RED to indicate a problem. When GREEN, everything's nominal). There is however one anoying issue, in the middle of the arrows, there seems to be an empty box...

    When I hoover the mouse, I get as pop-up the summary of the service (which is fine), but wouldn't it be possible to replace the box for a custom image/icon, which would remain clickable (e.g.: left-click for following an URL and righ-click for calling the context-menu options)?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Ah, found the issue. Weather lines seem to use the default "20x20.gif" icon, which is simply a tranaparent white square with a blcok border around...:)

    Need to update it into something else.