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  • Hi Sni,

    I need to post my query for gearman.
    But I do not see any option to submit my question.

    Can you help?

    Well here is my query in case you get chance please help me.

    I have installed gearman on Nagios XI server. And gearman worker on a remote server.
    Everything is working fine but when a host goes down whos checks are assigned to the remote worker, the remote worker send the notification to Nagios server very late.
    It takes around 30-45mins for the nagios to reflect that the host is down which was getting checked by worker worker.

    I have checked the Nagios check setting for the hosts and all are default.

    Kindly let me know what can be the issue here?

    reference ::
    configured and installed mod-gearman on Nagios server and worker on remote server ::…earman_with_Nagios_XI.pdf
    configured the remote worker to run check on location bases ::
    installed Nagios Plugins in remote worker server ::