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  • hi dnsmichi , i have a problem on icingaweb2 setup wizard ,how can i fix it ,please help me.
  • Hallo,
    wie kann ich die Gruppen eines Nutzers in der View abfragen?
    • Gleiches Spiel wie du mir in der PM geschrieben hast - mich privat zuspammen bringt nix. Bitte stell deine Frage öffentlich im Forum.
  • Hallo, kurze Frage, fuer die ich kein extra Thread erstellen moechte.

    Ich hab erfolgreich ein Icinga2 HA Cluster aufgebaut. Im Logfile vom master1 (mit der zones.d/ config) steht eine warnung, dass die config updates vom master2 ignoriert werden, da die api (von master1) keine conf animmt. Soll das so sein? Es ist ja nur master1 fuer die config zustaendig, da braucht master2 ja keine configupdates senden, richtig?

    • Hi, da wirst du nicht umhin kommen, deine Frage im Forum zu stellen. Ich mach hier keinen privaten Support, sorry.
    • OK, vesteh ich, kein Problem :)
  • Hi Admins, could you please approve my account, i also need to ask some questions regarding icingaweb 2
  • Dear admin,could you approve my account,there is some thing with icinga web 2 need to ask.
    • You should have gotten an email for activation.
  • Hi dnsmichi, can you approve my account so I can start an icinga2 thread?

    Thanks in advance
  • Hi dnmichi
    I'm not able to post question on forum.
    Can you please help me with below issue.
    Plugin output is showing pnp graphs twice. I'm not able to share screenshot here.
    • Which error do you get when trying to post to the forums?
    • I'm not getting any option where I can post to Forum. It seems I don't have permission or so.

      My actual issue is with icingaweb, In plugin output I can see PNP graphs twice. I'm not able to troubleshoot the issue. Please help!!
    • github.com/Icinga/icingaweb2-module-pnp/issues/18 was my issue. Its resolved now.
      thanks for your response.
    • A screenshot of your missing options (and the entire board) would be helpful, I don't see your desktop :)
    • Can you give me your email id? i'm not able to attach screenshot here..
  • Hi @dnsmichi, I googled a lot about Icingaweb2 session management based on external auth, but wasn't able to find anything other than external authentication. I was able to use SSO service to login to the app, but I need to delegate the session logout and cookie management to the same SSO service, currently on logout the session remains active and users are able to login without entering their creds. Can you please direct me to some resources that could help me achieve this.

    Thank You,
    • Create a new thread in the Icinga Web 2 section of the public forums.
  • Hi @dnsmichi, can you please let me know if there is any document for director configuration when you are free?
    • Isn't that a question for the public forums?
  • Since my registration I didn't receive any mail.
    Could you please activate the posting function for my account?

    Thank you.
  • can you active my account to post in forum about a notification period problem? thanks
  • who can I contact about enabling my old account ? I looked for a private message but could not find it.
    Thank you..
    • Send me a PM. I'll handle administration tasks that way. I do not answer Icinga questions there, just in case someone reads this.
  • Hi dnsmichi, I have installed icinga web 2 and need to monitor the nginx and mysql, i,m very new to networking and icinga. could you please help me.
    • -> wait for account activation and then post to the public forums.
  • Hi boss, can you approve my account so I can start an icinga2 thread?
  • Please use the public forums to ask your question! monitoring-portal.org/index.php?board-list/