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    Now follows dnsmichi.
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    If you happen to have an on-demand host custom attribute, you could also go for that.

    (Code, 5 lines)

    PS: Please use shorter sentences and illustrate what you mean. I had to re-read it five times to get an idea.
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    Please use the code tags </> to format your configuration snippets.

    If you do need a different path for your plugin called via check_by_ssh, drop PluginDir from its configuration and use a different constant or the entire absolute path.

    (Code, 3…
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    if but how to define it so that it only applies to a hosts and that all the others use the one that is by default, without having to define another service more for that host that has different PluginDir

    could you apply a for or filter in…
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    Example where I assign a service for several hosts but there is a server to which I do not have root access and the address of the plugins can not be the same as the others
    In constants.conf set PluginDir to / usr / lib / nagios / plugins /
    But in this…