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  • Got it - thanks!
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    For this specific case, we have setup a memory check on Windows servers using the ncsp-local-memory command. We have applied the
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    variable by defining a data field, then applying it to the service so that the values and…
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    I am not working with agents but anyhow I guess you want to set the thresholds inside Icinga2 anyhow.

    For myself I figured out several ways to approach that problem.

    The easiest way is probably to apply thresholds on the Service Template but this…
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    Thanks - that did get me in the right direction. I incorrectly) had started to make a custom check command instead of a service, which I then somehow wound up with a duplicate check command that broke things...

    Jumped over to the Issues tab of…
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    Fairly new Icinga install, so still working out the bugs and configuration issues on my end.

    Single master server, using agent on Linux/Windows servers where possible.

    I've been reading through the documentation and several previous forum posts that…
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    Well, sometimes it just requires walking away and coming back later...forgot to "Deploy" within Director, and now the client is showing up in IcingaWeb.

    • Is the above error going to be an issue later on for anything?
    • I'll try doing the bash file setup
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    More troubleshooting -

    Uninstalled Icinga2 from the client, and removed the host from Icinga Director. Re-created in Dirctor so a new key was generated.

    This time, when manually running the node setup wizard on the client and using the "manual" key as…
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    Greetings all -

    We have a new Icinga master server setup, and all appears to be working correctly, tested by adding a couple of Linux servers using basic checks, then removed them to take it back to default. We then installed Director, which again…