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    I apologize for not including the relevant config files. I've since added some things to my monitoring system (but taken nothing away), but here is what I have:

    zones.conf (on the primary master node):
    (Code, 56 lines)

    icinga2 feature list # output:
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    For anyone who may come across this thread later, I found the answer to my own question. Still working to understand all of this, but I'll explain what I do know as best I can:

    Configuring the IdoMysqlConnection object with setting {enable_ha = false}…
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    Hello, and thanks in advance for any input.

    I've been using Icinga2 for months, in a setup resembling the "Master with Clients", as outlined in the Distributed Monitoring documentation, and have been really happy with it.

    Recently, I tried adding…
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    Found a lot of really strange behaviour, and a really simple solution:

    I'm working on a new HA "master" zone configuration, with one node at each of two different sites connected via VPN. On removing the new endpoint from the master zone (and putting…
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    I'll read through the document you linked, and am currently working on checking the API as you described.

    What you said - "dependencies wrongly put in place which prevent checks" sounds likely - I've been messing around with my hierarchy, in particular…
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    icinga2 - Version r2.7.1-1
    Icingaweb2 - Version 2.4.2

    I apologize, I'm not 100% sure what you're looking for when you say IDO backend type. I used MySQL as the database type.

    Monitoring Health section in Icingaweb2 looks fine.

    On getting that…
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    Here are the items from my configuration which are relevant:
    (Code, 14 lines)

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    This issue has got me stumped. I had a number of smaller problems which are harder to describe, but this one I can make pretty clear:

    I've got some checks that Icingaweb2 is showing as CRITICAL, and the notifications sent out to my email are…
  • Thank you both very much for your help - That definitely gets me on the right track.

    I've been working on setting that up, and running into some issues that I believe are not directly related to this. I'm going to open a separate thread for that.

  • Hello, and thanks in advance for any input.

    I've had multiple reads through the Distributed Monitoring guide, but am having enough trouble wrapping my head around it that I want to see if anyone here has some advice. From what I can tell, I'll need…