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    Replied to the thread cluster-health output length.
    Ok thanks.

    I can't use details about connected endpoints in v1/status from REST API because check_command is dummy for all endpoints: I don't know their IP, that's why I've to use cluster_health to know about it: But I'm using a programmatic way to ask…
  • banshee22

    Posted the thread cluster-health output length.
    Hello everybody,

    Is there a maximum output length for cluster-health service.
    Actually I noticed that output is the only way to know about nodes names which are disconnected (in a distributed monitoring), or connected (If all are connected). So I plan…
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    Replied to the thread reset icinga2 client configuration.
    no, it doesn't fits my need.

    For now I rm /var/lib/icinga2/api/zones/* but I have issues with replay log and timestamp. I want to be able to delete configuration to create a new one.
  • banshee22

    Hello All,

    I'm trying to deploy my own icinga 2 client configuration tool (top down config sync), to be able to deploy new client node automatically.

    steps are:
    1 - install icinga2 packages (working on debian), nagios plugins (as described in…