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  • I am running check_mk 1.2.8p16 on Ubuntu 16.10. What I want to do is to monitor specific internal websites just to ensure the landing page is accessible. What I have done so far is within WATO under Host & Service Parameters I have selected Active checks and then check HTTP service. I have created a rule under the Main Directory, which is where all of my hosts reside, but when I configure the HTTP service it shows up for all my hosts?? The only thing I want to check is that the URL is accessible and that it responds within a specific response time. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Hello, I am new at working with Check_MK and would like some help. I have just installed Check_MK RAW vers 1.2.8p16 on a VM with Ubuntu 16.10 64-bit OS. I have all of my hosts and services configured and am now trying to get email notifications setup. From what I am reading this can be done directly through the WATO configuration. I have configured a contact group and my users are members of that contact group. I have also gone to Host and Service Parameters under Notifications and notifications for both Hosts and Services are enabled. Any help would be greatly appreciated.