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  • birkch

    DataSam the first 2 errors say that icinga2 can not find the template "check-esxi-hardware"
  • birkch

    Welcome to the forum

    first off a bit more information about your servers would be good.

    What versions of icinga2 do you use ?

    If i understand that right, you have on the boxes you want to monitor, a icinga2 "agent" ?

    Here is some more info about…
  • birkch

    Replied to the thread Rechte Problem.
    Also es scheint so , als sei das Feature "command" in icinga2 nicht aktiv.

    Prüfen kannst du das mit dem folgenden Befehl:
    icinga2 feature list

    Das feature kann man aktivieren mit dem folgenden command aktivieren:
    icinga2 feature enable command

  • birkch

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    In anlehnung an bodsch s Post über sein ruby gem, kommt jetzt hier meiner zu meinem Python Package.
    Da wir uns bei der Entwicklung unserer APIs austauschen hoffen wir, dass es später sehr ähnliche Aufrufe in beiden geben wird.
    Dies soll vorallem für…
  • birkch

    the findmypast module should work, but the versionnumber looks really strange.
  • birkch

    Where did you get the module from ?
    Please add a link to the Repo
  • birkch

    Please Post the output of the following commands from the console:

    icinga2 --version

    icinga2 feature list

    I would like to know what version of the graphite module for icingaweb2 do you use.
  • birkch

    Replied to the thread Dashing - not working with HTTPS.
    You need the following config to forward the requests in apache to dashing:

    (Code, 2 lines)

    i am not sure if you need some more config for dashing here.
  • birkch

    Do you have the packet "php-mysql" installed ?
    This is used for MariaDB .
  • (Quote from eimmran)

    why did you copy this file ? it is already included in the icinga2.conf file.

    (Quote from eimmran)

    you might want to change the filerights for the file /etc/icinga2/conf.d/services.conf
  • birkch

    if you look into the services.msc panel you can see that every service got a Servicename and a display name.
    Usually The service name does not include a space in the name.
    You can use this one.
  • birkch

    Replied to the thread Client check examples.
    (Quote from softwareinforjam)

    these parameters are not available in icinga2

    there are only the Parameters warn and crit allowed.
    vars.nscp_warning = 1h
    vars.nscp_critical = 80d

    I would do this with nrpe:

    (Code, 11 lines)

  • birkch

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    Users kept asking where to put their questions, and sometimes kept writing on another user's profile wall instead of asking in a forum's category.

    This isn't bad, but removes the questions from a broader audience. Unfortunately I've observed several…
  • Actually i would create a apply rule in the icinga2 Service:

    (Code, 9 lines)

    With this assign it will be added to all Hosts that have the attribute vars.os = "Windows" in the Host Object

    Further you could add the following for a other drive:

  • birkch

    Replied to the thread Another vmware_check_esx issue....
    Actually the plugin creates temporary files for the login in /tmp.
    You can chown them or delete them.
    These files are named like this:

    You could try to change the session file dir for the monitoring with the Parameter
  • (Quote from Cicero-Zhao)

    Why do you use an unsupported version that is about one year old ?