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    Hi All,

    A service check which used to monitor a page using check_http plugin stopped executing suddenly.

    How it begin:
    check started throwing tcp socket error may be for some reason , and it remained there for some time. Icinga check went to critical…
  • james_rahul2002

    what do we need to check for , are you looking for any specific message in sshd log. Also not sure how sshd logging will help in ssl errors .
  • james_rahul2002

    (Quote from Wolfgang)

    Issue is mainly seen while adding a new config may be while creating a package or hostgroup or while adding a new stage in a package. Yes parallel ssl connection can be one of the reason but i am not sure on that.
  • Hi All,

    While making some API calls , i am getting intermittent SSL related errors and which are going away in next run or in couple of runs. If it was a consistent error then it might have been a clear indication of some issue with SSL setup but since…