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  • Please do not ask for help using that wall, open a thread instead.
    * That way you get more answers in a shorter time because more people will see it.
    * Persons with similar problems can find and benefit from the thread
    * I get at least a few points as a reward for my efforts
  • i am running icingaweb2 with director.i need to monitor memory and other requirements.regards to many forums ,i need to dowload or create scripts that statisfy my requirement.after that i tryed to add the configuration manualy but in case of any modification on commands.conf. icinga stop running
    i tried to configure with director but i get this error ."Check command 'mem' does not exist."
    any idea ?
    • Please open a thread so that others can benefit as well.
  • Hi, Could you help me to setup nginx and mysql monitoring
  • Hi, Could you help me to setup nginx and mysql monitoring
  • Hey can you help me out in configuring director module?
    • no that is not my beast. Please open a thread in that special forum.
  • hey guy, will you please help me with mail notification?
  • Livestatus problem: Cannot connect to 'unix:/omd/sites/slave3/tmp/run/live': [Errno 111] Connection refused

    Hey Sru, can you help in this issue check_mk site is down because of this
  • hi , anyone help me how to set email notification in icinga2 and i have problem with check_mysql, check_asterisk
  • hello ,,, do u know how to set mail notification in icinga... i need help
  • Gern !
  • Vielen Dank du hast mir wirklich sehr geholfen.