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  • duffkess

    Ok it is working correct now, I verified with windows firewall settings and wireshark that the tcp connection is now made from the client but the mastere syncs the config and commands to the agent.

    I understood that the best place to configure the zone…
  • duffkess

    Oh well I am confused now. Thats the same error I got earlier but then I created another endpoint to test but then it said it was duplicated. That was why I was wondering.

    Now I deinstalled the agent and reinstalled it and now its telling me:

  • duffkess

    The error on the client when using the command icinga2.exe daemon -C is still:

    (Code, 6 lines)

    The files are not there and are not getting synced, the icinga2 service on the client is also not coming up because of the failing configuration.
    There is no…
  • duffkess

    to clearify what I did / have now:

    - - master - -
    /etc/icinga2/zones.conf > endpoint and zone objects for master and client
    /etc/icinga2/zones.d\client.lan\client.lan.conf > host object for client

    - - client - -

  • duffkess

    I did what you said and double checked on the master that there is no endpoint configuration in the zones.d/client.lan/client.lan.con.

    But still no luck. The Service wont come up at all now so the file for the client is not beeing synced.

    When I do…
  • duffkess

    Hi I recreated the CA Certificates and the Master Certificates and the config sync now worked correct!

    Now when I validate the config with icinga2.exe daemon -C I got:

    (Code, 15 lines)

    But the Endpoint is defined as I posted earlier in the…
  • duffkess

    OK I see, thanks for the tip.

    I checked and the files are beeing copied in the api folder at the master but not to the client.

    I found the following error in the clients icinga.log:

    (Code, 7 lines)

    And I also got the same error on the Master for the…
  • duffkess

    Hi dnsmichi,

    I'm currently trying to setup the master / client configuration as you mentioned.

    Following the documentation at:

    at part: Top Down Config Sync:

    I configured it like the examples…
  • duffkess

    Hi there,

    a customer of me has a paessler prtg installation wich is working like the following:

    - agent installed on some client somewhere in the world.

    - agent schedules checks on the client and if there is some problem it sends the problem to the…