InfluxDB Store metrics in InfluxDB and integrate with other tools. Discuss the open source tick stack and best practices on setup and scaling. Graphite Store performance data metrics in carbon-cache & whisper, visualize and query them with graphite-web. Discuss setup and configuration questions, best practices and scaling. Grafana Visualize metrics from different backends (Graphite, InfluxDB, Elasticsearch, etc.) in beautiful dashboards, add alerts and annotations, and share your questions and best practices. PNP Collect plugin performance data and store these metrics in rrdtool. Discuss setup and integrations with PNP and share your ideas.
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This is a small howto about downsampling data for InfluxDB. Use this howto on your own risk! And as always -> create a backup first before you change anything! Setup InfluxDB name: icinga2 default retention policy: r…

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