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Filter specific nested dictionary keys in a function (10)

Hi all, I’m having some trouble with using functions in assign where expressions. I followed the docs pretty closely on this – however, the problem is not due to the functions I don’t think. My main goal is to make it …

Notifications with Grafana graphs (3)

This nifty mail notification script will render Grafana graphs and additional details into your notifications. More details on Github. [mail-service-perfdata-notification] [mail-notification-with-perfdata]

Icinga 2 Diagnostics script / data collector ( 2 ) (28)

Hi, Since I work as an support engineer at one of the Icinga partners I often have to play the guessing game/faq-game. A user reports a problem but first of all we have to figure out the basics. What OS, what Icinga 2 v…

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