Icinga Web 2 Setup questions, PHP errors, CLI and framework integrations, additional visualisation and dashboards in Icinga Web 2. Director Configuration UI & automated sync imports to manage Icinga 2. Workflow and usability questions, custom import sources and more Director extensions. Modules Develop your own Icinga Web 2 modules, share insights and discuss design and code. Icinga 2 Configuration/DSL questions, distributed cluster setups, TLS problems, REST API queries, metric and event forwarding … and check execution & notifications for Icinga 2.
Literature [Icinga] (7)

Icinga 2 Book The German version can be obtained here. [41f3vwIhR6L] The authors are working on a new 2nd revision which should then be translated to English (according to them).

Configuration tools for Icinga [Icinga] (2)

The term “configuration tool” means to either have a web interface for interactive user configuration management, and/or a programmatic interface which provides an API or abstraction to automatically deploy configuratio…

Documentation [Icinga] (2)

The Icinga documentation providers more than just the basics, configuration and enhanced distributed setups. https://www.icinga.com/docs/ You should also bookmark the following Icinga 2 Icinga 2 Troubleshooting Icing…

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