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Icinga Meetups [Community] (4)

Please share upcoming and planned meetups here. Berlin Meetup Germany South West Meetup Start your own Icinga meetup in your city! :slight_smile:

Honouring your community work [Community] (8)

It is a good feeling when you’re doing good things and helping others. Discourse honours that with awarding you badges for your hard work :heart_eyes: You can read more about it here and in this interview. [32] Solved…

About the Community category [Community] (1)
Monitoring-Workshop 2019 [Community] (4)
Icinga2 check_by_ssh with persistent SSH connections [Howto] (1)
Icinga Meetup Berlin [Community] (1)
Result is different between shell and monitoring process execution [Howto] (1)
Optimize Vim for Icinga2 [Howto] (3)

I interact with Icinga2 conf files exclusively through Vim, since the machine hosting the master instance doesn’t have a graphical environment. Recently I learned about some Vim features that I thought could make my life…

Community work in the Salzburg area? [Community] (7)
Galera MySQL cluster with VIPs and HAProxy for IDO-Mysql and more [Howto] (3)

Author: @Carsten Revision: v1.0 Tested with: Icinga 2 v2.10.2-1 MariaDB 10.3.10 Table of Contents Galera Cluster for IDO-Mysql and more Requirements SELinux & Firewall Nodes Install & configure Galera Cluster …

Executing Powershell and/or VMWare PowerCLI directly on your Linux Server [Howto] (2)
Icinga Installation Guide 1o1 [Howto] (11)
Windows PowerShell Checks with Icinga2 [Howto] (4)
Thought I might share my rough host uptime calculator (availability report) [Howto] (3)
Sending Icinga2 notifications to Slack [Howto] (4)
Automating updates with Ansible + Icinga [Howto] (1)
How to write a bash script wrapper (newbie script for ITL check_yum plugin) [Howto] (2)

How to write a bash script wrapper Introduction Many times on these forums I’ve seen people asking how to handle output from default plugins from the ITL such as the check_snmp plugin. In fact, I was one of those people!…

Call for Papers - OSMC 2018 [Community] (2)
Workshop 2018 [Community] (3)
Grafana for service/host SLA graphs [Howto] (1)
OSDC 2018 - Berlin [Community] (2)
User Restrictions and Roles in Icinga Web 2 [Howto] (9)
[WIP] NSCP query method using NSCP's NRPEServer and its local check_nrpe.exe [Howto] (1)
Icinga Camp Berlin 2018 [Community] (3)
Mark a topic as solved [Howto] (1)
Topic Editing Hints with Markdown [Howto] (1)
Elasticon 2018 Munich [Community] (1)
Guidelines for writing howtos [Howto] (2)

Thanks for considering to write a community howto and share the knowledge :heart: Where to start Discourse provides the possibility to create posts as wiki entry. These can be edited by other members including a revisio…